Young mutants completely took over the landmark Hollywood Roosevelt hotel, with the help of Pearl Media, as Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment celebrated the release of X-Men: First Class on Blu-ray and DVD. While partygoers got a close-up of the experience, even tourists reading the stars on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame were undoubtedly impressed by what at first glance looked like a typical lighting extravaganza until they realized they were watching an outdoor 3D transformation of the historic hotel.

Pearl Media’s technology required digitally mapping the glamorous exterior of the building that hosted the very first Academy Awards in 1929.  Then, on Thursday night, Pearl’s installation used its mutant powers to make the Roosevelt Hotel appear to freeze, melt, become covered in fur and scales, withstand a tornado hit and morph into the X-Men symbol, without the need for 3D glasses. (see video, below)

Pearl Media’s installation involved high-powered projectors along with lighting, sound, shadows and animation effects to maximize the impact of its 3D projection. “With Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, we captured fan’s imaginations and vividly showcased the powers of the X-Men mutants on a massive scale,” said Josh Cohen, president and CEO of Pearl Media. “There isn’t a more effective way to tell a dynamic and engaging brand story than with 3D projection.”

Those inside the party had the opportunity to scan a customized X-Men: First Class QR code to access exclusive video content and a coupon for the Blu-ray or DVD, in addition to entertainment provided by DJ Paul Oakenfold. Pearl Media’s project showing was repeated Friday night for the benefit of everyone on Hollywood Blvd.

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