Amid all the Yahoo! Inc. turmoil, it can be easy to forget how well some of its properties perform. Major League Baseball remembers, though, and its MLB Advanced Media today announced a partnership with Yahoo! Sports to launch Full Count. It’s a new online video offering that lets fans follow live Major League Baseball action throughout the remainder of the regular season. Full Count includes live “look-ins” to key plays and pivotal moments and in-progress video highlights from around the league, along with statistical data and relevant historical footage.  It also enables fans to pause the live action or navigate back to content from earlier in the video stream to catch up on events from earlier in the day. Its embedded Twitter feed includes updates from insiders, Yahoo! baseball reporters, expert analysts  and other related social media activity.

“This product continues our seven-year relationship with and builds on our leadership as the No. 1 general sports site online,” said Ken Fuchs, vice president, Yahoo! Media Network. “ is one of our most innovative partners, and they have delivered a product that will provide avid baseball fans a fast-paced daily destination to follow their teams and the biggest games, players and moments as well as unique video and integrated solutions for our advertising partners.”

In 2012, Full Count will cover the entire regular season beginning with the first full day of games. It also will expand distribution to mobile and tablet devices and further integrate scores, news, social media and fantasy baseball information. Pursuant to an agreement signed earlier this summer, also is providing Yahoo! access to daily highlights from every game.

Yahoo! Sports is the most popular sports site in the U.S., according to comScore Media Metrix, with just over 40 million unique visitors. ESPN comes second at 35.6 million. took a look at sports sites about a month ago using Compete, and found Yahoo! Sports is growing the fastest among the ten largest sports web sites in the U.S., increasing its monthly unique visitors 58 percent year-over-year to 35.9 million in July. was down 12 percent over the same period. was up 42 percent but has only about half the unique visitors of Yahoo Sports.

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