Adult Swim is spreading its off-kilter sensibility onto a third screen. Having established itself on TV and then put games on its website, Turner Broadcasting System’s young adult brand has moved onto iOS with a new series of original mobile games.

These are completely original iOS games from Adult Swim, which shares channel space with Cartoon Network, as compared to existing Adult Swim mobile games, which first appeared as Flash games on the website. Previous years have seen fairly unsuccessful attempts to make games out of its TV shows, too. But now Adult Swim Digital has partnered with PikPok and Grumpyface, independent game developers with which it already has a relationship, for this new initiative.

“Our goal is to make great games and make sure they find an audience,” said Jeff Olsen, vice president of Adult Swim digital and games. “Working with PikPok and Grumpyface, we know we’re going to get really high-quality, original work. So we can really invest in development and promotion.”

The first original mobile game to become available is PikPok’s Monsters Ate My Condo, in a deal that calls for a total of five exclusive iOS games this year and more in 2012. In it, gamers battle to save humankind from destruction by feeding residential high-rises to four ferocious monsters that will raze the city unless their hunger is satisfied.

“Partnering with Adult Swim for multiple titles is a great opportunity for us both commercially and creatively”, said Mario Wynands, managing director of PikPok, which is the iOS and Android publishing label of game development studio Sidhe.. “Working with their team and being able to access their extensive audience allows us to create a high quality range of diverse and interesting content.”

Joining it for sale within the next two weeks will be Bring Me Sandwiches!!, developed in partnership with Grumpyface Studios. This one also is based on insatiable hunger, but in this case a fast-food worker must scavenge through obstacles and build sandwiches out of whatever he can find to pacify a ruthless alien.
“Teaming up with Adult Swim was a great fit for us, and allowed for a nice creative freedom you don’t always expect when working with a publisher. No idea ever felt too out-there to explore, and in fact the wackiest concepts were always the most encouraged – which is a refreshing way to work,” said Chris Graham, president and creative director at Tempe, Arizona-based Grumpyface Studios.

Adult Swim Digital oversees the management and production of content for the channel’s official site,, and digital extensions. reports an average of 2.4 million unique users each month in the U.S. and features more than 70 free-to-play original online games, including top titles such as Robot Unicorn Attack and Amateur Surgeon.

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