The 63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards is a good example of what a very new app called Rewinder is good for. Rewinder lets viewers time-shift Twitter, so those who couldn’t watch the telecast live could have the relevant period of their Twitter stream scroll by as it happened while watching the recorded Emmys. Friends’ jokes, fashion observations and other comments would appear just as they would have in the live experience.

Rewinder won’t recreate the sense of community interaction, but it will keep that extra dimension of sharing a viewing experience with a larger audience. The app also has obvious uses for more serious events, like political debates or a webcast educational presentation.

Users sign in with their Twitter account and choose from a selection of popular TV show hashtags, a previously defined custom timeline, or other options.

According to The Next Web, Rewinder was created by U.K.-based content strategist and SEO consultant  Malcolm Coles working with the  RAAK development team. There is a free option, with a premium version available for less than $5 a year.

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Image from key art for Universal Pictures’ “Back to the Future”



Rewinder from Adriaan Pelzer on Vimeo.