Neustar’s geolocation data service Quova today announced the availability of its IP Audience Targeting Solutions system for online display advertising without using cookies to track or target. The company said its ATS makes it possible to reach a group of people based on where they log on to the Internet, which is applicable to groups like convention attendees, hotel guests, university students or a business’s employees or customers.

The process includes determining custom IP placements, running targeted ad campaigns, ad optimization and reporting, with Quova’s proprietary database of more than 3.5 billion publicly available IP addresses as the foundation of each project.

Marketers can develop ad creative that is geared specifically to these segments and through ATS, deliver it to a person in the most relevant context, according to Miten Sampat, vice president Product Strategy, Quova. He added that the IP address only identifies devices on a network and does not track or store any consumer usage or behavioral information.

Quova already has entertainment industry customers who use one of its other products to enforce access rights based on location. For example, MLB Advanced Media works with Quova to ensure fan access to live webcasts of baseball games is in compliance with local television blackout rules.

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Photo by flickr user George Kelly, used under Creative Commons license