Nintendo has found a way to show off the glasses-free 3D entertainment capabilities of its portable Nintendo 3DS system. Starting today, the company is adding exclusive 3D videos from DreamWorks Animation SKG and 3net to the Nintendo Video service.

First up is the debut of a DreamWorks Animation Halloween-themed short featuring characters from the studio’s 2009 movie Monsters vs. Aliens (pictured). Another new Halloween short featuring the three little German pigs from the Shrek franchise will appear later this month. Both premieres will be available exclusively on Nintendo 3DS for a limited amount of time.

“Nintendo 3DS is a powerful platform that allows content creators to reach users on-the-go, and we are thrilled to be working with Nintendo to make some of our DreamWorks Animation 3D content available this Halloween season,” Jim Mainard, head of Production Development for DreamWorks Animation, said in a statement.

In addition, 3net will begin providing short-form video content from the network’s original series on a regular basis. Viewers will be able to watch videos like Bullproof, the story of four bull riders; Feeding Time, an up-close look at Internet meme favorite animals like pandas, penguins, lemurs and otters; and Building the Brand, a series that explores the creation of some of the world’s most iconic products. The 3net network is a venture of Discovery Communications, Sony and IMAX.

Nintendo Video already has been offering a series of shorts by the Blue Man Group, which will end this month with the sixth episode, The Remote. The Blue Man Group videos will reappear occasionally on Nintendo Video on a rerun basis.

“Nintendo 3DS is a great canvas for creativity,” Tony Elison, Nintendo of America’s senior director and general manager of Network Business, said in a statement. “These videos are premium-quality 3D entertainment and provide a unique platform for our partners to showcase their extraordinary work.”

New content is added to the Nintendo Video service each week, and each Nintendo 3DS updates automatically whenever the device is within range of a wireless hotspot and has its SpotPass feature enabled, even if the unit is in Sleep Mode. As with games and everything else on the Nintendo 3DS, no glasses are required to experience the 3D.



  1. Only in USA? I only have 1 video and that’s a Oscar episode I’m still waiting to hear when this sky 3D thing will be coming out if it’s even still coming out.