PepsiCo has named the ten European startups that will make up the PepsiCo10, the company’s program for discovering and supporting emerging technology companies. These startups will work on pilot marketing initiatives with some of PepsiCo’s leading brands in the U.K., including Walkers and Pepsi, and will receive support from Highland Capital Partners, OMD, Mashable and Wired.

Several of the chosen ten are media-centric, such as TvTak, a mobile app that lets users access, share and interact with additional content about a TV show or commercial they’re watching by pointing their smartphone or tablet’s camera at the TV for just one second (pictured). Another is, a mobile music service that offers consumers instant access to the most current hits on the majority of music-enabled mobile phones.

Others focus on social. One is SoDash, a social media monitoring tool which uses artificial intelligence to help companies manage their brand reputations while they monitor and analyze social traffic. There’s also Bluefields, a social network from Sports Team Space designed to give amateur soccer teams a website and mobile apps for posting photos and news in a social environment while they manage practical things like games, schedules and subscription fees.

Two are mobile services. Screenreach Interactive’s Screach turns smartphones into controllers, enabling real-time two-way interactive experiences with public digi-screens or the mobile device itself. Waxwired Ltd.’s Flypost is a location-based smartphone game that lets users discover and interact in real-time with live events happening in their city.

The remaining four are: Roamler, which crowdsources workforces that can earn rewards by performing small tasks on behalf of corporations, organizations and individuals; SDMV’s Slingshot Shopping, a personal aggregation service for e-commerce; Shahmoon, which creates HD video posters that enable even small retailers to interact with passers-by, feed live information or tweet direct to the street; and ParcelPoke’s ParcelGenie, a service that uses text messaging to send real products to friends and family.

The company has committed to roll out a third PepsiCo10 in Asia or Latin America. PepsiCo10 first launched in the United States in 2010, with collaborative creative platform Tongal and Table Top Media’s Ziosk self-service restaurant device continuing with PepsiCo since completing their pilots.

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