CD Baby formally went live with its new MusicStore for Facebook, a new option for the independent musicians and labels who distribute downloads and CDs through the company, after soft launching last week.

The store is customizable and integrates into an artist’s Facebook Band Page, allowing fans to listen to, purchase and share music from within Facebook. Transaction and credit card processing, music delivery, customer service, and artist payout are handled by CD Baby. The store displays the relevant artist and product info, and it allows artists to choose between 30-second sample clips or full song stream previews.

CD Baby artists can implement the MusicStore App for free. Since song files, metadata and bio information are already stored in CD Baby’s database, the process is simple and the store becomes immediately usable. Artists can join CD Baby for $39 per album and $9.95 per single track.

“I’m extremely proud of this release, which solves the problem of selling your music on Facebook,” said CD Baby president Brian Felsen. “It’s beautiful, seamless, and integrated. And I’m excited that artists are responding: in the first five days since our soft launch, without any promotion whatsoever, we’ve already deployed over 1,500 artist stores.”

CD Baby distributes over 3.5 million tracks directly and through digital music retailers including iTunes, Amazon, Napster, Rhapsody, and Spotify, and pays artists weekly for their product sales. The company also offers other services to musicians such as the ability to accept credit cards at shows, web hosting through their sister company Host Baby, and eBook distribution through BookBaby.

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Photo by flickr user Яick Harris, used under Creative Commons license