In support of Inconvenience Store, his release scheduled for Oct. 31, EMI Music/Virgin Records rapper Professor Green is introducing virtual currency and other social game mechanics to his Facebook artist page. These capabilities are the result of a partnership announced today between EMI Music and digital commerce and advertising platform Live Gamer.

Fans can launch the Inconvenience Store experience from Professor Green’s Facebook artist page. From there they can acquire virtual Greenbacks, either by purchasing them with real money or by earning them through watching artist videos, answering trivia questions and “engaging in other aspects of the Professor Green’s digital life,” according to the companies involved. These Greenbacks can be exchanged for virtual goods.

“EMI Music is always looking to develop and support exciting new ways for people everywhere to interact with their favorite artists,” said Neil Tinegate, vice president Digital Projects at EMI Music. “Live Gamer’s expertise in virtual goods and engagement combined with the global reach of the Facebook platform gives our artists, starting with Professor Green, a whole range of new opportunities to reach out to and engage directly with their fans.”

Live Gamer’s platform includes microtransactions, catalog management, storefronts and merchandising, in addition to the social sharing and integration features of the Facebook platform.

“EMI Music is one of the first labels to truly recognize the opportunity for new fan experiences that take full advantage of game mechanics and social monetization opportunities,” said Andrew Schneider, president and co-founder for Live Gamer.

Photo of Professor Green courtesy of EMI Music/Virgin Records

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