Mobile app and solutions company MacroSolve Inc. announced an agreement with Donald J. Trump Jr., executive vice president of The Trump Organization and eldest son of The Donald.

Details of the deal are lacking, however it seems to give MacroSolve the inside track for Trump-affiliated companies seeking mobile services. It’s also unclear whether the agreement is with The Trump Organization or with Trump Jr. (pictured) as an individual. The full release is here, in which MacroSolve CEO Steve Signoff said: “Based upon our preliminary business development discussions with Donald Trump Jr., both companies see a large opportunity for MacroSolve as a result of this agreement.”

Trump’s wording was equally non-specific. “Having a company’s brand and logo on the screen of mobile devices is a valuable place to be for a company looking to drive revenues and productivity. The mobile app market is exploding and is a major part of our Trump branded businesses,” he said in a statement. “With the combination of exploding market demand for mobile apps and the depth of experience and expertise of the management team at MacroSolve, I see unparalleled potential in this agreement.”

Whatever the agreement actually covers, working together does play to each signatory’s strengths. MacroSolve has a track record of mobility tools for businesses in hospitality, restaurants and country clubs. Trump’s extensive branding expertise has a considerable overlap with those industries.

In addition to its business endeavors, MacroSolve has become known for filing lawsuits that claim patent infringement. In June it sued 20 companies for infringing on its U.S. Patent No. 7,822,816. It sued seven additional companies in September for infringing on that same patent, including big guns like AT&T Inc., Citigroup Inc. and Dell Inc. Those followed four companies sued in March and six sued in April.

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Photo of Donald J. Trump Jr. by Steve Becker, courtesy of The Trump Organization