WildTangent and T-Mobile USA are offering T-Mobile’s Android customers a choice of how they want to pay for games. Players can buy them outright, rent them, or opt for a free version that includes pre-roll advertising. Rentals start at $0.25 for 24 ad-free hours, and if consumers decide to keep it, whatever they paid in rental fees counts toward the purchase price.

The WildTangent Games service includes popular titles like Fruit Ninja, Kona’s Gate and Guitar Hero, and new games will be added each week. WildTangent will offer its virtual currency, WildCoins, redeemable for rental, in-game items and purchase, and free game play and sponsored virtual items will be powered by WildTangent’s advertising platform, BrandBoost.

“Our curated service gives Android game players choices they’ve never had before to experience games,” said Sean Vanderdasson, senior vice president at WildTangent. “Let’s face it, most consumers simply can’t afford or don’t want to own every game available. They enjoy variety, so we’re excited to take this model to Android and give consumers a way to play games on their own terms.”