SoundCloud has gathered together ten of its most intriguing users for a video project in which they share their perspectives and memories to explore why sound is so important to our lives. It’s also a subtle way to reinforce that SoundCloud, the social sound creation and sharing platform, is not limited to obvious things like songs.

Two of the video’s contributors are acclaimed recording artists. One is Moby, the musician, producer, remixer and composer with multiple Grammy nominations, and whose release Play was an international hit. The other is Imogen Heap, the eclectic Grammy-nominated musician and composer whose recent work explores crowdsourcing inspiration, sound samples and performances.

Another voice heard from is Martyn Ware, who in what must seem like a previous life was a member of Heaven 17 and the Human League. He is much better known as a producer (Tina Turner, Erasure), soundscape composer and founder of The Illustrious Company.

The other contributors have careers that use sound in equally important but less familiar ways: Ben Rubin, multi-media artist, sound researcher and founder of EAR Studio; Bruce Odland, sonic thinker, composer and sound artist; Jad Abumrad, radio host and producer, 2011 MacArthur Fellow; Dr. John Levack Drever, head of Sound Practice Research at Goldsmiths University; Julian Treasure, author of Sound Business, chairman of The Sound Agency; Salvatore Principato, vocalist, percussionist and sound collaborator; and Tim Exile, electronic producer and performer, pioneer of crowd jamming.

“This video demonstrates SoundCloud‘s commitment to collaboration, participation and passion around sound and provides a thought-provoking piece for everyone to enjoy,” the company said.