Interactive 3D solutions provider EON Reality just released a stereoscopic 3D laptop computer than doesn’t require glasses. The EON Artificial I uses its HD webcam to continually adjust in response to the user’s position in real time, which the company said eliminates the need to stay in the “sweet spot” in order to experience the 3D effect.

That also means that more than one person can share the screen, an important consideration for business and educational uses like training, modeling and design. This is not a setup for those casually interested in 3D.

“With EON being one of the first 3D companies including native support for real time applications with this new 3D autostereo technology we continue to offer our clients the most innovative 3D solutions available. With this solution a personal task trainer or design application can be experienced allowing our clients to benefit from improved retention, recall and decision making,” Mats W. Johansson, president, EON Reality said in a statement.

Access to the EON Experience Portal, which among other things includes thousands of free 3D models (.eoz and .eop files), makes it simple to view content in an interactive 3D mode.  EON Experience Portal is an ecosystem for interactive 3D content, which enables users to find existing 3D content, create and configure and share it with others. The system also includes installation and integration as well as a demo library with over 100 advanced EON application examples with source code.

Pricing was not disclosed, but the EON Artificial I (pictured) is obviously going to cost more than what’s in the petty cash drawer.

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