FUNimation Entertainment and video networking website are forming a joint effort that includes simulcasting several of the newest anime series debuting in Japan this fall along with both companies contributing to the acquisition of new anime titles from Japan.

The collaborative effort shares the goal of making the leading online streaming source for subtitled anime in North America. The agreement represents a substantial investment from FUNimation Entertainment, according to the company’s president and CEO Gen Fukunaga, but further details were unavailable.

“Our goal is to simulcast top-notch anime,” Fukunaga said. “Nico Nico Inc. is the ideal partner for us given its strong relationships with content creators in Japan, not to mention its technical know-how and incredible ability to offer that content far and wide.”

Among the initial titles that will be simulcast are: C3, a story of love, action and comedy about a teenager and a probably not-human girl, based on the writings of Minase Hazuki; The Future Diary, a psychological thriller based on the manga written and illustrated by Esuno Sakae; Guilty Crown (pictured), tales of the battle against a dystopian government organization’s robotic forces; Haganai (Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai), the adventures of young misfits who bond together to make it through school; Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing, a follow-up to the anime classic Last Exile directed by Koichi Chigira; and Maken-Ki!, which marries magical duels with high school lustful fantasies.

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