Viacom Inc.’s MTV World has gone live with MTV Iggy, a global music brand connecting America with artists and pop culture from around the world. The company is anchoring the multi-platform experience at, which will be accessible to anyone, regardless of country or region.

Today, for example, MTV Iggy will premiere its first episode of The MTV Iggy Show, a weekly showcase of the best new music from around the world. The 30-minute global music showcase will air on mtvU at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT, with other editions of the show airing across MTV television networks including MTV and MTV2 as well as

To make this possible, MTV Iggy has secured the global rights to a large and growing library of live performances, music videos, interviews, articles, reviews, and original photography. At launch, MTV Iggy content will be available across online, on-air and social media outlets.

Nusrat Durrani, senior vice president and general manager of MTV World, said the idea makes sense since today’s music fans use their connectivity to eliminate borders and to blend genres. “Latin American audiences love K-Pop and rappers from the Congo are finding fans in Belgium,” he said. “MTV Iggy offers a U.S. stage for artists who are catching fire around the globe. We hold a mirror to a new kind of music revolution driven by young people everywhere who know that good music can come from anywhere.”

MTV Iggy – no relation to Iggy Pop, who as a member of The Stooges is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – already launched a program that demonstrates its reach. Best New Band in the World features ten breakthrough acts from countries including the U.K., Australia, Jamaica, Malaysia, Pakistan, U.S.A. and South Korea. The winner will be determined by global fan vote and announced on Nov. 10 with an opportunity to perform at an MTV Iggy Live taping in MTV’s Times Square studio and promoted on MTV U.S.A. platforms.

MTV World includes: MTV Iggy; MTV K, devoted to global K-Pop; and MTV Desi, focused on South Asian music and pop culture. It also creates innovative content and programs for advertising partners.

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