PlayUp has stepped up to the plate with a mobile social network just for sports fans. The free app allows users to follow their choice of thousands of live games in real time, while simultaneously discussing the action with fellow fans on their mobile devices using the free in-app rich media messaging feature.

The app promises to include real-time scoring and stats for every NFL, college football, NHL, NBA, MLB, and MLS game, as well as soccer, cricket and Australian Rules Football around the globe. It also supports the option to create private rooms or to join public rooms to interact with other fans as the game unfolds, regardless of anyone’s physical location.

“Fans share their comments at games, tailgate parties, watercoolers, and on sports talk radio,” said Jonathan Press, chief executive officer of PlayUp USA. “Now they have the opportunity to tell the world or select groups of friends instantly and in the palm of their hand. No need to be alone on the couch anymore watching the game.”

PlayUp was founded in 2007 by Australian entrepreneurs Luke Bunbury and George Tomeski to develop mobile-based sports/social gaming applications. Earlier this year PlayUp reported having raised $50 million from undisclosed sources to build out its global vision for a mobile-based social network dedicated to live sports.

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