RadixTV this week began making available Rtv, its streaming television service designed to meet the needs of financial institutions and other business environment.

Rtv offers business customers a live, online TV viewing experience with the latest news and information from leading programmers like CNBC, Bloomberg Television, MSNBC and France24 for $14.99 a month. Additional live TV channels will be added as they become available. But what Rtv will not offer is entertainment, since it’s intended for SoHo and enterprise customers. It therefore is intended to save money and to omit leisure viewing.

The company’s platform uses existing network infrastructure. It runs on Microsoft Silverlight and can be received via Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Chrome browsers, as well as through a standalone desktop application. Additionally, RadixTV has a suite of customization options that allow for unicast, multicast, and CDN where preferred.

“We are excited to deliver live TV content that will enable our customers to use their existing IP networks to receive critical TV programming,” said Bhupender Kaul, chief executive officer and co-founder of RadixTV. “The service is reliable, secure, provides up-to-the-minute live news and has the ability to be received through the Internet, wired or wireless anywhere in the United States.”

RadixTV is based in New York City, and was founded in 2010 by  Kaul and Daniel Witt.

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