Gamers can join in the hunt for the augmented reality monsters lurking all around us, armed only with the new inviZimals: Shadow Zone game and a PlayStation Portable.

There are more than 100 of these monsters, and they can only be seen through the PSP camera when setting out to hunt, capture and battle. Players can modify and share their inviZimals, change their names, colors and choose from a wide range of attacking moves. The game also features a new co-operative capture mode, where two players can hunt down monsters together or take things online to make trades and battle opponents from all over.

InviZimals: Shadow Zone is a sequel to the 2009 Sony Computer Entertainment of America hit, inviZimals. This time players travel the world to recruit fellow hunters in the Alliance, a global secret society of hunters whose mission is to stop villains from using inviZimals for evil, as they investigate legends of ancient civilizations.

InviZimals was one of the first camera-based PSP game on the market and we’re excited to deliver more augmented reality content to fans with inviZimals: Shadow Zone,” said Scott A. Steinberg, vice president, Product Marketing, SCEA. “It’s the perfect portable game, allowing kids and families to truly interact with the real-world environment while building on the inviZimals feature set of exploration, customization, and fighting.”

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