Revision3, the online TV network that specializes in niche audiences, has gathered all of the spooky, scary and otherwise monsterrific episodes from its contributors into a special Halloween section.

The included shows are just as eclectic as the network’s programming usually is. For example, Penn Jillette (of Penn & Teller fame) uses his Penn Point show to explore the true spirit of Halloween, which he determines means, “Girls dressing up like sluts, of course. And candy. That’s what every holiday should be like.”

The Ben Heck Show turns its hand to a Ghostbusters parody; when some tape rolls off the desk, it obviously is evidence of a poltergeist that the team must track down. Epic Meal Time, the cooking show, devotes an episode to making a Meat Mummy, which apparently is “bacon wrapped in a steak sarcophagus with plenty of candy.” And Film Riot‘s themed episode demonstrates how to make realistic blood spatters and shotgun wounds using an air compressor, and Dylan of Scientific Tuesdays shows how to make spooky spirit lights for evening décor.

Even TechnoBuffalo gets in the spirit by looking at Zombigotchi, an iOS virtual pet that requires training, feeding and caretaking (pictured). That explains what happened to all of those Tamagotchi pets that died after their owners got bored.

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