B is for brains. It’s also for beta, the form in which Nexon America is letting gamers play Zombie Misfits, a Facebook tower defense game in a cartoonish world of undead flesheaters.

Players are armed with weapons, fiendishly clever gadgets and other implements of battle, which they must wield to protect themselves and the other survivors against the zombie hordes. There’s also a crafting system that adds an RPG sociability to the apocalypse, along with the ability to call upon their friends for help via the Facebook platform. Additionally, players will be able to gift each other with a defender from their arsenal, which includes all level up bonuses and mods that are applied to that defender.

Zombie Misfits is free to play, with a Facebook Credits shop to purchase enhancements.

Zombie Misfits joins MapleStory Adventures as yet another demonstration of Nexon’s expertise in bringing premium gaming experiences to the widest audience possible,” said Daniel Kim, chief operating officer of Nexon America. “With Zombie Misfits, Nexon is making significant strides in advancing the social platform, marking itself as a true leader and innovator in the social gaming territory.”

Zombie Misfits is co-developed by Canadian-based studio Antic Entertainment. Nexon chose Antic to receive funding and support through the 2010 Nexon Initiative, which encourages the development of games that are widely accessible, have broad, universal appeal and encourage community interaction.

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