Andy and April, the recently married lovebirds from NBC’s hit comedy Parks and Recreation, have embarked on a cross-country drive. The trip is being documented in an online extension of the show that includes five webisodes, along with an interactive map that showcases user-submitted photos of places along the route.

The online exclusive content is sponsored by Volkswagen of America, so it’s no surprise that the characters played by Chris Pratt and Aubrey Plaza borrow April’s father’s Volkswagen Passat for the trip. In keeping with Andy and April’s personalities, her dad may or may not realize they’ve got his car.

Viewers were clued in to the online experience during an extended “Producer’s Cut” version of the Nov. 3 episode, which became available at following that evening’s broadcast of Parks and Recreation. The show included scenes of Andy sharing his bucket list with April, a conversation that inspires the journey.

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