The National Association of Broadcasters is inviting government and military professionals to learn from the entertainment industry how news and sports broadcasters manage, analyze and distribute news and information as quickly and accurately as possible.

Broadcasters will share their expertise in how they strategically plan and manage the production of content for complex pooled events, which involves sorting through content from multiple sources in addition to producing, managing and distributing multimedia content and full motion video. The one-day workshop, Motion Imagery Strategies in Broadcast, will examine how is set for Dec. 1 in Washington, DC at NAB headquarters.

The workshop will cover editorial considerations as well as technical matters, including user generated content, best practices, workflow, staff training and more. Case studies will walk through how all of this comes together in practice to create produce accurate and compelling content, as well as how to address different types of audiences.

Among the experts schedule to participate are:

•    Paul DePietro, coordinating director, ESPN Event Operations

•    Peter Doherty, senior producer, NAC/Telecon Operators News, ABC Television

•    Gary Nadler, general manager digital & wireless, ABC TV

•    Frank Governale, vice president of operations, CBS News

•    Mel Olinsky, director of bureau operations, CBS News

•    Donnie Self, chief, senior assimilation division, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

•    Donald Hudson, technical director, USAF

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Photo of NAB president and CEO Gordon Smith courtesy of NAB