Finnish startup will host a live, interactive show featuring a performance by metal band Stratovarius on Nov. 20. The company offers a monetized platform for fans to share a live concert experience without leaving their homes, wherever in the world they happen to be. It could also appeal to local fans who would rather not brave the weather, considering Helsinki is enjoying daytime highs of 6 degrees Fahrenheit. describes itself as a live music venue online. The viewer sees a high-quality live stream of the show from the equivalent of the front row, and has the capability to do things like chat with friends and other fans, vote for songs to be played, and digitaly applaud and wave lighters in the virtual air. The band can watch all of the audience activity in real time and can interact with fans when they’re not physically playing.

Tickets to the event cost €10 (about $14), and it’s being promoted via the band’s 500,000 Facebook fans and on its website in addition to other types of outreach.

Antti Eronen, chief executive officer,, recommends that viewers connect their computers to a big screen TV in a home theater setup, or at least to use headphones, to get the best effect. Besides going directly to fans, the company has special packages available for clubs, bars and similar venues.

Stratovarius (pictured) is currently on a world tour honoring drummer Jörg Michael, who has chosen to leave the band. “It feels great to have a chance to say goodbye to all the friends and fans I have met over the past 15 years,” he said. “These last shows will be very special to me, as I never forget the support we, and especially I, got through the years. Having the opportunity to broadcast live to all the fans around the world will be an extra motivation for the band. I can promise a very special set list which we have never played before.”

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