Ubisoft unveiled the Drawsome Tablet, a new drawing peripheral for the Wii with a Dec. 6 release date exclusively in the United States. It comes with two games, Drawsome Artist and Drawsome Sketch Quest, so players can challenge each other with family-friendly games and activities right out of the box.

The Drawsome Tablet has a 6.5×5.5-inch screen and a wireless stylus, and everything drawn on the tablet will be displayed in real time on a television to which it’s connected via a Wii-mote in its docking station. It also has an SD card for archiving and sharing, and a transparent layer that enables budding artists to trace images.

Pricing was not announced, but Amazon is accepting preorders for the Drawsome Tablet and games package $60. THQ’s competing uDraw GameTablet is $70 and works with Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

In Drawsome Artist, players can draw, paint and color by sketching on their own or learning step by step. It also comes with a gallery of art from The Smurfs for coloring and learning how to draw. Drawsome Sketch Quest is a game in which players draw the bridges, trampolines and other things the cartoon animals need to race through the landscape, a concept familiar to anyone who’s heard of Winky Dink and You.

“Ubisoft is always looking for new ways to marry quality family time with a quality gaming experience,” said Tony Key, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Ubisoft North America. “With the Drawsome Tablet, Ubisoft is bringing to the market a peripheral that will allow families to sit down together and create their own unique works of art while participating in fun, creative adventures.”

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