Podcast network Wizzard Media and today announced an exclusive partnership to launch a podcast directory designed for existing and potential listeners, with content provided exclusively by Wizzard Media. will feature Wizzard Media’s Libsyn hosting and mobile app products, and it will share in revenue generated from new customers introduced through the site as well as advertising revenues. Wizzard intends to leverage to create greater awareness, content discovery and drive more audiences to Libsyn-hosted podcasts for its producers.

Laurie Sims, president of Wizzard Media, said the initiative will improve the search engine visibility of affiliated podcasts. “This venture gives us the ability to highlight Libsyn podcasts outside of the traditional iTunes store where discovery is based on popularity, rankings and other algorithms,” Sims said. “ attracts audiences that may not be well versed in iTunes but use the web and search as a primary tool for discovering media of interest.“

Wizzard Media Network reports having over 20 million unique users in October. Its clients include Microsoft, National Geographic, Harvard Business Review, NPR and more than 13,000 others who use Wizzard Media products to measure their podcast audience, deliver popular audio and video entertainment and monetize their content through advertising and App sales and subscriptions.

Domain Holdings manages and operates “The team at Domain Holdings are experts at generating organic rankings, unique visitors and monetizing properties. We are very excited to be working with them and we look forward to the expansion of the site over the next several weeks,” Sims said.

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Photo by Flickr user blogefl/Graham Stanley, used under Creative Commons license