Your Dungeon, My Dragon is a new five-episode animated comedy from Adam de la Peña that available on Xbox Live and a dedicated microsite on MSN, with the episodes becoming embeddable on YouTube as they get unlocked. According to Microsoft, this is the first time a webseries has been woven together with original games, which can only be found on the show’s two primary homes.

The series is animated in a retro 8-bit style, and in an appropriately surreal image, de la Peña description the series as The Office meets World of Warcraft. That makes slightly more sense after realizing De la Peña previously created the G4 show Code Monkeys and was writer on programs including Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Crank Yankers.

The multiplatform content was put together by the Microsoft Branded Entertainment team and sponsored by Toyota for its Yaris models, so the car appears occasionally. The tone of the programming carries through to the advertising content, which if clicked initially invites users to choose which “era in gaming history” in which to see a Yaris – the image ranges from a fairly realistic 128 bits to the Lego model appearance of 16 and 8 bits. Opting for 1 bit turn the car into a single cube bearing the Toyota logo, gamer humor that suits the car’s target market.

Thanks to Tubefilter for the tip!

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