THQ’s Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat, a game played using the uDraw GameTablet, went on sale Tuesday and is leveraging the strength of the Marvel Super Heroes intellectual property in a cross-promotion with Gazillion Entertainment’s Marvel Super Hero Squad Online. Players who purchase Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat will receive a code that can be exchanged for extra gold to spend and exclusive in-game limited edition items within the kid-friendly MMO.

The uDraw game itself is designed to echo six comic book issues. By “unle ashing the power of the pen” for movement-based commands and touch screen functions, players can command their favorite Marvel Super Heroes, including Captain America, Thor and – making her video game debut – a rare appearance by Squirrel Girl. Gamers must use their wits and skills to thwart Doctor Doom’s evil plan to gather his evil minions and do something evil.

“The Marvel Super Hero Squad Universe is a cohesive one where each game gives players a different yet connected experience,” said Javon Frazier, director of Games Marketing at Marvel Entertainment. “It’s always thrilling to see amazing games like Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat on uDraw and the free-to-play massively multiplayer online game Marvel Super Hero Squad Online work together so that more young fans can enjoy the rich stories of Marvel.”

The uDraw GameTablets come with high definition output, motion controls and a stylus with more than 256 points of pressure sensitivity.

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