RedLever Studios and Emmy-winning producer Jonathan Prince have partnered on Supermoms, a live action and animated web series distributed over the Joost video network that is sponsored by the Clorox Company.

Prince, who is best known for American Dreams and The Cleaner, isn’t the only familiar television name involved in the web series. It’s directed by Michael Barnett, who also directed the award-winning HBO documentary Superheroes, and the cast includes Joey Lauren Adams (United States of Tara, several Kevin Smith movies), Julie Warner (Crash, Nip/Tuck), Lourdes Benedicto (pictured; V, 24), Brennan Hesser, Tabitha Morella, Tim Rock, K Callan, Hank Baskett, Jacob Hopkins, Caitlin Carmichael, Jake Borelli, Patrick Fabian and Larry Poindexter.

The show is about four neighbors in a typical cul-de-sac who are moms and who just happen to be super heroes. Their daily lives and their battles to thwart their evil arch-enemy Dr. Deconstructo obviously result in various types of cleaning up, which even more obviously require the use of Clorox Liquid Bleach, Clorox Clean-Up, Glad Trash Bags and Fresh Step Cat litter.

“Whether one creates content for web, television, or the big screen, story and character are what drives loyal, passionate viewership. Clorox ‘gets’ that and has encouraged us to do what it takes to create that kind of ‘lean-forward,’ engaging program,” Prince said. “Bottom line, Supermoms is romantic and comedic, dramatic and super-heroic as it deals with all of the issues facing women today.”

RedLever Studios also is producing exclusive behind-the-scenes content for the Supermoms’ Facebook page, which will serve as a hub and will launch by early January 2012.

Joost, a fully owned subsidiary of Adconion Media Group, is a multi-channel platform dedicated to building brands online. It is DoubleVerify and IASH compliant.

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