Sony Corp. of America will be honored by the International 3D Society for its role in advancing the stereoscopic medium. The company will be presented with the Sir Charles Wheatstone Award for advocacy, technology and professional education.

In addition to its long-standing support for 3D films and filmmakers, Sony is being recognized for the dedicated 3D Technology Center it opened in March 2010. “Sony put 3D production technology into the hands of professionals, educating thousands of content creators on how to get 3D production right,” said Lenny Lipton, 3D inventor and co-founder of the I3DS.

Sony obviously makes 3D movies, and its Imageworks division helps filmmakers from any studio create in 3D. Among other things, the company also makes 3D broadcast equipment, 4K projection systems, home televisions and the head-mounted HMZT1 Personal 3D Viewer, and the PlayStation 3 supports full stereoscopic 3D gaming.

Chris Cookson, whose official title is president of Sony Pictures Technologies, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and chief officer of the Sony 3D Technology Center, Sony Corp. of America, thanked the I3DS for the honor and for its efforts on behalf of professionals working with 3D.

“Sony’s mission is to help industry professionals understand how to create effective and realistic 3D, so that they can tell amazing stories in 3D,” he said. “It has been our privilege to work with over 3,000 TV and film professionals who have participated in Sony 3D Tech Center classes and workshops in the last two years, all with the common goal of providing audiences the best possible 3D experiences.”

The society chose the award’s name because Sir Charles Wheatstone is widely credited with the discovery of stereoscopic 3D in 1852. He explained how humans see in in three dimensions by mentally combining impression the two slightly different images seen by each eye, and was able to translate this knowledge into the creation of a viewer that could cause flat images to be perceived as though they had depth.

Sony will be presented with the I3DS’ Lumiere statuette (pictured) at the Society’s 3rd Annual 3D Creative Arts Awards ceremony to be held at the Beverly Hills Hotel on February 1, 2012.

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