The two best-known Apples in the world have come together on an interactive book version of the Beatles’ movie Yellow Submarine, available free from the iTunes Store and fully sanctioned by the Beatles’ umbrella company Apple Corp Ltd.

Just like the Beatles music, the book is an iTunes exclusive. The Beatles allowed iTunes to begin offering their music on Nov. 16, 2010 after years of the musicians remaining digital holdouts and many more years of the two companies legally sparring over the use of the name Apple. Now that these glitches have been worked out, Apple reports that the Beatles have sold over ten million songs and over 1.8 million albums on the iTunes Store worldwide so far.

This new digital book experience was designed by Fiona Andreanelli using the indelible images, vibrant colors and psychedelic patterns set down by Heinz Edelmann, who was art director on the seminal 1968 animated movie. Its story has been adapted by Charlie Gardner from the film’s original screenplay, which was co-written by Lee Minoff, Al Brodax, Jack Mendelsohn and Eric Segal.

The book’s features include animated illustrations and text from the 2004 book (which Andreanelli also worked on), 14 full-color video clips from the original film, audio clips of classic Beatles hits and Sir George Martin’s original score, original dialogue from the film, and interactive features that bring alive creatures like butterflies and sea monsters.

The ebook also has a “read aloud” functionality to follow along with the narration by Dean Lennox Kelly, known for his performances in films like the comedy Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel and numerous British television series including Shameless, Collision, and Doctor Who (in a non-recurring role as Shakespeare).

Inspired by The Beatles’ song of the same name, Yellow Submarine dives 80,000 leagues beneath the sea to Pepperland, a musical paradise where Sergeant Pepper’s band plays on until the music-hating Blue Meanies invade, sealing the band inside a music-proof bubble and leaving it a silent wasteland. But Old Fred, captain of the Yellow Submarine, escapes to Liverpool and persuades Ringo – with a little help from his friends John, Paul and George – to join him on a magical adventure to return music and love to Pepperland.

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