SHARE has developed a service that enables users watch web-based television from within Facebook. It’s an extension of the main FreeCast service, which locates, aggregates and categorizes about 1.5 million new videos a day from multiple sources, then presents them in a personalized channel guide.

“Both the content providers and Facebook benefit from eyeballs being directed to their content, resulting in more time online and thus increased advertising revenue,” said chief executive officer William Mobley.

The service also can set alerts for when new content that may interest them becomes available. FreeCast does not host the content: users click through to watch programming on the content provider’s own site. Similarly, FreeCast does not levy any fees, but some of the content it points to does require payment, like on-demand television shows, pay-per-view movies and multi-player games.

FreeCast has revenue sharing agreements with a few content providers. Its primary source of income is display advertising.

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