Cameron | Pace Group, the 3D technologies and production services company led by co-chairmen James Cameron and Vince Pace, has named Hugo as the first recipient of its 3D seal of approval. The CPG Certified program is intended as a quality guarantee to studios, filmmakers and audiences that signifies CPG’s involvement.

“Among the many critical accolades Hugo has received, we are proud of the fact the film has been especially praised for its 3D,” Pace said. “As a CPG Certified film, Hugo elegantly shows that the best 3D viewing experience comes from partnering with Cameron | Pace Group for the entire lifecycle of a production.”

CPG supplied director Martin Scorsese, cinematographer Robert Richardson, and the Hugo crew with the equipment and training that enabled them to shoot the film in 3D. Then, using patented technology, CPG built a custom infrastructure that allowed the filmmakers to review unprecedentedly high-quality stereo dailies. CPG also worked on-set with the filmmakers, performed the stereo post-production work, and delivered the final stereo digital intermediate.

Richardson said, “Hugo is the first film I’ve shot in 3D. Before I worked with CPG, I was concerned that there would be pressure to change my method and my instincts, but CPG made 3D work for me, not the other way around.”

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced Hugo is up for consideration for Achievement in Visual Effects for the 84th Academy Awards. Hugo already has received numerous film critic awards and was honored by the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures as best director and best film of the year.

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