The proliferation of political talking heads is only going to get worse as the 2012 election heats up, but at least there’s a new site to help citizens deal with it. offers profiles of national political characters, along with relevant satirical commentary, news feeds and social engagement. And coming soon, it will release a mobile game that lets players pelt their choice of caricatured characters with digital rotten fruit.

A dozen characters are up now, with more on their way. Mad Humans Election 2012 will be the first game to be released, with other non-lethal games in development to launch as the election season progresses.

Mad Humans is being developed by Digital Entertainment Ventures, an early stage investment firm, in collaboration with game developer Galaxy Pest Control and with production and marketing support from Forty Nine Group. Telvetto is assisting the site’s human staff by providing the data feed for the character pages through its real-time aggregation and curation platform.

“Our country is being overrun by kooky people from Kim Kardashian to Charlie Sheen,” says Alan McGlade, executive producer of Mad Humans and managing director of Digital Entertainment Ventures. “America’s political leaders are the worst offenders of all and they are driving us crazy. We have to fight back.”

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  1. Hilarious. I just finished a great political humor satire called Cure Your Democracy by John Cooker. If you like politics, democracy, or just care about the state of politics in the U.S., then Cooker’s book will keep you in stitches! As we head into the high campaign season for 2012, Cooker’s take will keep you laughing and keep things in perspective. Can’t wait to see what these guys all have in store for the next 11 months.

  2. Here is some political satire you can dance to.

    Check out a song and a poem called “Run For Office.”

    The song version of “Run For Office,” is available on itunes for only 99 cents.
    Here is a link to the song:

    The poem version of “Run For Office” is shown below my contact information.
    Robert Barrows
    R.M. Barrows, Inc. Advertising & Public Relations

    Here is the poem version of “Run For Office.”
    Copyright 1995, Robert Barrows
    Out of work? Need a job? Run for office!
    Big debts, lots of sex? Run For Office!
    Need prestige? Run for office!
    Get elected! Be respected!
    Even get yourself protected!
    Give unto Caesar that which is his!
    Get me Redford! Get me Liz!
    I’m going to make it really big…
    I’m going to run for office!
    All the money you need…
    The pleasures of power and greed…
    Got to start planting the seed…
    I’m going to run for office!
    Get elected! Get respected!
    Got to get myself selected!
    My future in bliss! I’ll promise you that…
    I’ll promise you this!
    …With this big warm smile, hey, I can’t miss!
    There’s nothing to lose, and I could actually win!
    A couple of lies, hey, that’s not like a sin?
    Which race is open? I’m ready to go!
    I’ll toss my hat in!
    Here comes the dough!
    Where do I stand? It doesn’t matter…
    I’m shaking everyone’s hand!
    Oh what a feeling! I’m in command!
    Hey, nice to meet you!
    I’m running for office!
    Your goals are my goals! Vote for me!
    I’m your man!
    What are my plans?
    I’ll show you when I get in office!