Akamai introduced the latest advances in its delivery platform today, while the media’s attention is drawn to the intersection of entertainment and technology by 2012 International CES. Among other things, it now provides full support for UltraViolet and other emerging business models that require security for premium content combined with ease of use and a seamless consumer experience.

The Akamai for UltraViolet solution provides high quality video streaming using adaptive bitrate technologies delivered to all types of Internet-connected computers and devices with Akamai SecureHD content management. It also features the UltraViolet Coordinator to handle access code redemption, account management and stream management.

Akamai is an UltraViolet licensee, acting as an integration point between the movie studios, technology providers, consumer device makers, entertainment retailers and video service providers that are part of the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE).

“B2B service providers like Akamai are utilizing UltraViolet’s open-specs design ability to accelerate retailers’ and other service providers’ deployment, with premium-quality enablement and delivery on a rapid-deployment and cost-efficient basis,” Mark Teitell, general manager of DECE, said in a statement. “Akamai is helping the deployment of UltraViolet move to the next phase as we continue to seek to provide consumers with access to their favorite movies and TV shows in ways never thought possible. Congratulations to Akamai for bringing this suite of solutions to market.”

The Akamai HD Network, the company’s broadcast solution, offers advanced monetization capabilities, business model flexibility and simplified workflow to reach the growing number of assorted devices and access points consumers are choosing to use from wherever they happen to be.

“Cloud computing, ubiquitous connectivity, and the increasing consumption of IP video are driving content providers to move more content to the cloud and users to expect access to content on multiple devices,” said Bill Wheaton, senior vice president of Digital Media at Akamai. “Akamai is committed to reducing the complexities of the hyperconnected world by providing a platform that delivers the best user experience, securely, for any device type. By helping our customers solve the business challenges across security, multi-device delivery and analytics, we’re continuing to enable them to focus on their core business strategies.”

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Photo courtesy of Akamai