The New Yorker magazine has occasionally published song lyrics that hold their own as poetry. Today, Jan. 16, it is taking that to the next level by streaming Leonard Cohen’s new song “Going Home” from its website.

It also will publish the lyrics in the magazine’s Jan. 23 issue, which goes on sale today, in advance of the Jan. 31 release of the relevant new album Old Ideas.

The New Yorker poetry editor Paul Muldoon said he has been a fan of Cohen’s work since 1967 and is “thrilled” by this digital development. “The New Yorker has been publishing lyrics over the past years by Cohen, Bob Dylan, and Paul Simon,” Muldoon said. “Cohen is in some elite company, including his own!”

Among the countless honors that have been bestowed upon Cohen, his native Canada awarded him with the Ninth Glenn Gould Prize in 2011. The international award is presented biennially to a living luminary who has made a unique lifetime contribution that has “enriched the human condition through the arts” and manifests the values of innovation, inspiration and transformation.

“I want to thank The Glenn Gould Foundation for their kindness. It is a great honour, sweetened by my love of the work of Glenn Gould, and our collective appreciation of his invigorating and enduring presence in the world of Music and Imagination,” Cohen said at the time.

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