Most international brands avoid online sites that might associate them with potty humor, but Clorox has gone to the opposite extreme with The Clorox Lounge, a destination site hosted by comedian/actor Sherri Shepherd.

It’s designed to take advantage of the short breaks nature requires everyone take throughout the day, and to establish a more meaningful consumer relationship than the typical Facebook “like” in exchange for coupons. It is not recommended for people with a low tolerance of potty wordplay, however.

The Clorox Lounge features professional and user-generated content along with competitions and other obvious marketing and advertising material in a family-friendly environment. It’s in an early stage at the moment, with a wider launch splash set for Feb. 27.

So far the main feature of the site is a competition called Last Comic Sitting, which puts contestants characterized as “mom and dad comics” into a video tournament where consumers vote on the funniest. Other sections are devoted to photos, anecdotes and other submissions from the site’s members.

“Over the last few years, we’ve embraced the humor that exists around the bathroom and family,” said Jenny Chang, marketing manager for the Clorox Family of Toilet Products. “Whether it is from potty training, cleaning wars, or simply rites of passage that come with kids growing-up, the bathroom is such a part of our lives, why not take a break to celebrate these with humor?”

Shepherd’s credits include One for the Money, which was released on Jan. 27, Think Like a Man, Precious, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, and Beauty Shop. She currently is the host of GSN’s The Newlywed Game and also has a recurring role on 30 Rock, her own Lifetime series Sherri having ended.

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