Today is the last day to experience “Explore the River,” the interactive mystery that viewers can engage with using Kinect for Xbox 360. It’s part of building anticipation for tonight’s two-hour premiere of The River on ABC.

Those without Kinect can interact with a similar version of the mystery online, but they’ll have to use a mouse instead of gestures. Additionally, successfully navigating the experience and investigating the clues unlocks a full-length HD trailer, which in most households would look better on the Xbox 360-connected TV than on a computer monitor.

“Explore the River” takes about five creepy, highly atmospheric minutes to explore, and it serves to set the stage for the The River, which has generated a lot of anticipation, especially for a mid-season replacement.

Viewers are presented with the disappearance of famed explorer Dr. Emmet Cole, known to millions from his television show, while on an expedition to the uncharted wilds of the Amazon. Months later, when all had given up hope for his return, Dr. Cole’s emergency beacon goes off, instigating a search accompanied by a documentary film crew. This turn of events throws together people whose relationships and motivations may not as they seem, then puts them in a highly charged and dangerous environment.

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