Banyan Productions, whose credits include TLC programs Trading Spaces and A Wedding Story, has released On the Map, a new show designed for social viewing that changes according to viewer interaction. It was created for viewing on Facebook using 7Echo’s PIE (Personal Interactive Entertainment) platform, which integrates social connectivity, dynamic content, sponsorship and advertising.

On the Map follows seven young people on location in Barcelona over 12 episodes. People are encouraged to invite six friends to watch the show with them. Members of these viewing pods then answer questions about each other relative to what they’re watching, exchange virtual souvenirs, and interact in other ways. As the pods get further in to the experience, the show becomes more personalized based on the viewers’ behavioral traits.

This obviously creates a goldmine of information for advertisers, especially since it’s on the Facebook platform where the viewers’ other affinities can be discerned. It’s therefore no surprise that the program is sponsored content; the presenting sponsor is healthcare information and services company HTH Worldwide.

“Until now, ‘Social TV’ has been defined by ‘check-in’ applications, where users connect with each other while watching a static TV show,” said David Russek, founder and CEO of 7Echo. “On the Map takes the social experience further by putting audience members and their Facebook friends inside the show together and creating a customized viewing experience. Depending on how a user interacts with the show through their actions and those of their friends, there are over 60 digital elements that can be delivered and blended into scenes.”

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