The Mail Tribune, a Dow Jones & Co. newspaper, has created a web series that integrates itself into its community in a very literal way.

Dan & Dave Do Stuff features sports reporter Dan Jones and copy editor Dave Sager throwing themselves into experiences that are alien to them, but which are part of everyday life in their Southern Oregon area.

The inexpensive series is based on readers’ suggestions for stuff the duo should tackle. Or in the words of the Mail Tribune’s promo, “They’ll do anything you tell them to do!”

Today, they will compete against each other in an attempt to complete the Jackson County firefighters’ fitness challenge. In the previous two webisodes they have had their eyebrows groomed at a salon in Medford (Jones is pictured during the process) and tried to eat 30 tacos in 30 minutes at a restaurant in Phoenix.

Each episode is on YouTube and shared via social media, but more importantly from a business point of view, the videos also have a home on the paper’s own website where they are accompanied by local advertising. They are produced in-house by videographers Ryan Pfeil and Mandy Valencia.

“It’s a fun chance to highlight some of the people who work at the Mail Tribune and the great community we cover,” said Anita Burke, Web editor at the Mail Tribune. “We’re working hard to connect in new ways, including with these web videos and on Facebook and Twitter.”

The Mail Tribune is in the Southern Oregon Media Group, one of eight sectors in the Dow Jones Local Media Group. Dow Jones & Co. is a News Corporation company

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