Washington, DC – WaPo Labs, the digital technology unit of The Washington Post behind such products as the company’s Social Reader news app and Trove personalized news site, on Monday named Rob Malda as chief strategist and editor-at-large.

Malda, better known to the tech community as “CmdrTaco,” is the founder of technology news site Slashdot, where he served in a variety of leadership roles during his 14-year tenure.

“Rob is a true online media pioneer,” said Vijay Ravindran, the Post’s chief digital officer. “The number of innovations that Slashdot brought to the online news world is hard to match — from what is still the best commenting experience on the web to creating a hyper-loyal community that led to sites referenced in Slashdot posts to being ‘slashdotted.'”

This article was also published in Potomac Tech Wire.

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