The United States government formally requested the extradition of Kim Dotcom and some of his Megaupload colleagues from New Zealand.

Anne Toohey, a New Zealand lawyer representing the U.S. government, said the required legal documents were filed at North Shore District Court in Auckland on March 2. U.S. authorities had 45 days after the January 20 arrests to submit the request.

The two countries have an extradition treaty, but it does not require New Zealand to comply.

The defendants have been indicted in a U.S. court on charges of internet piracy, copyright infringement and wire fraud. They deny any wrongdoing.

Dotcom along with Mathias Ortmann, Finn Batato and Bram van der Kolk are on bail at separate addresses in the Auckland area. Their lawyers are reviewing the extradition documents in preparation for a meeting on the process set for next week.

A hearing on the matter is planned for August, for which the New Zealand judiciary has allowed three weeks.

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