A new tablet game, You vs. Cat, lets users test their cat-like reflexes by competing against an actual cat. Not a digital cat, a real live pet cat of the player’s choosing.

You vs. Cat comes from Nestle Purina PetCare’s Friskies brand, which obviously has a vested interest in promoting cat ownership. Even so, the free app has a credible claim to be the first dual-species tablet game. While images of things cats like to eat zoom around the screen, players of both species score one point for each one they capture with a paw or fingertip (depending on their anatomy).

There’s even an automatic scoreboard at, where Friskies has posted the You vs. Cat World-Wide Leaderboard to track gameplay on all iPads that are connected to the internet.

For those whose cats would rather indulge the solitary side of their nature by playing alone, Friskies also offers, which includes feline gaming options like Cat Fishing and Party Mix Up.

“After such positive response to last year’s launch of several Friskies tablet games and apps for cats, we wanted to just keep pushing the play button. You vs. Cat takes the fun of feeding cats’ senses through play to a completely new level,” said Alison Coburn, Friskies assistant brand manager. “With this new game we’re continuing to inspire curiosity and discovery beyond mealtime and bring something completely new to the world of cat play.”

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