Ellen DeGeneres has invited her entire audience to be her neighbor and join her in helping people in the U.S. and Haiti. While this would raise all kinds of issues in the real world, the campaign is possible through the virtual world of Sojo Studios’ WeTopia.

During the broadcast of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the TV personality shared a code word that could be redeemed in WeTopia to become her neighbor. Players can then visit her WeTopia village to lend a helping hand, complete Ellen-themed quests, and earn and buy Ellen-related in-game items in an initiative that will evolve as it goes forward.

The code word is disclosed in the video below, on DeGeneres’ Facebook page, and right here: ELLENTOPIA.

“I’m a huge fan of WeTopia. I love the idea of a game where you can have fun and help people in the real world, and I’m so excited to be playing it now,” said DeGeneres. “I love the idea of having thousands of new neighbors, especially the kind that don’t steal my newspaper and play loud music really late, like after 8:30.”

DeGeneres and Justin Bieber are among WeTopia’s investors. As players build and grow their in-game villages and help their neighbors, they earn virtual currency that can be applied to real-world projects. To date, WeTopia has partnered with non-profits to contribute many thousands of hot meals, gallons of drinking water, multi-vitamin doses, pairs of shoes and warm coats to those in need. The game’s “Real World Theater” section has on-demand videos documenting some of what WeTopia has helped make possible, including a literacy program in the Appalachia region of Kentucky and a school in Haiti.

Lincoln Brown, founder and CEO of Sojo Studios, said: “It used to be that tourists would visit Hollywood and buy a Map to the Stars’ Homes, but now at least you can hang out with Ellen DeGeneres in her WeTopia village from the comfort of your own home.”

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