Rounder and Invicta announced they are partnering on the creation of a 3D virtual world in which residents can play poker. Rounder said this is part of its strategy to be well-placed “for the limitless opportunities expected upon the legalization of internet poker gambling.”

The companies envision that the project also will incorporate social interactions, retail shopping, streamed entertainment, dating, couponing, newsy gossip and actual news. It is being built using the Invicta Corridor Social Gaming Platform, which is headed by Jonathan Eubanks, but there is a lack of more tangible information.

Eubanks previously worked at Activision, Universal Interactive, Vivendi Universal Games and Warner Bros Interactive, where he said his portfolio includes dozens of multiplatform games based on popular film and television properties including titles like Hulk I and Hulk II, Van Helsing, Jurassic Park, Cat in the Hat, Harry Potter and Batman Begins.

Rounder said the Invicta initiative will not affect its existing partnership with Zen Entertainment to finalize development of its Facebook application to allow Rounder to directly interact within the Facebook platform. Zen has just strengthened its executive team with the addition of Nora L. Ryan as chief technology officer and Patricia L. Bowen as corporate controller.

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