Dragon’s Lair was the first videogame to have characters that actually looked like characters, back when Pong was a quarter and its advanced laserdisc technology demanded 50 cents. It even had real animation by the legendary Don Bluth. Now Dirk the Daring can rescue Princess Daphne in a digital series from zuuka Comics, developer of the Cut the Rope digital comic engine.

These lovably corny tales have been brought to just about every format since their inception, making Dragon’s Lair a transmedia pioneer as well as a gaming one.

The original six comics are the first in the digital series, each of which is available via the free app. Dragon’s Lair Comic issue No. 1 is free and subsequent issues cost $1.99.

The series begins just as the game did in 1983, with the deadly dragon Singe swearing revenge on Dirk the Daring for killing his offspring as he swoops up Princess Daphne in his razor-sharp claws. “Lead on, adventurer… your quest awaits!”

“Don Bluth’s vision and creative genius with Dragon’s Lair set a new standard for animation and since then has entertained millions through video games and graphic novels,” said Woody Sears, founder of zuuka. “We are very honored to be bring fans the first-ever digital comic series of such a popular title as Dragon’s Lair and know they’ll enjoy it just as much as we do.”

In addition to Dragon’s Lair, Bluth is best known for animated movies like The Secret of NIMH (1982), An American Tail (1986) and The Land Before Time (1988),  after leaving Disney to go independent.

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