Girl gamers, those between ages 8 and 12, have doubled the amount of time they spend playing over the past 12 months. A year ago, these tweens played for an average of 38 minutes a month. Now that playtime clocks in at 78 minutes.

Unlike older gamers, the data also disclosed that girls are most likely to be playing on Saturdays at 5 p.m.

Gaming company Spil Games determined these and other trends by analyzing data from GirlsgoGames, its U.S. platform for tween girls, whose more than 5.2 million monthly unique users play online games via desktop and mobile.

Not all of the study’s findings were very unexpected, of course. For example, Spil Games confirmed that the three most popular categories for girls are cooking, dress up, and test & quiz.

Tween girls also demonstrate a strong affinity for game experiences that have an interactive social element, like making friends with other players and participating in creative community activities.

“With play time more than doubling over the last year alone and girls uploading 3,500 pieces of new content each hour, it’s clear that for tween girls, online gaming is about more than just the game: it’s about being creative, cultivating friendships and engaging with a fun community,” said Oscar Diele, Spil Games chief marketing officer.

He added that this study not only was useful on its own, it also will serve as a baseline for future analysis.

In addition to GirlsgoGames, Spil Games serves a global audience of more than 170 million monthly unique users across branded gaming platforms for tween girls, teenagers and families, localized in 15 languages. The company works with both advertisers and other developers

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