A clear majority (75 percent) of advertisers and agencies consider the rest of the web is more important to them than Facebook, according to a new report from social and interest research firm 33Across. These respondents said they give less than 40 percent of their professional attention to the dominant social network.

They are learning what to do with their social presence, however. Rather than the early enthusiasm for getting as many “likes” and “fans” as possible, 71 percent describe their social goals as more focused on fan engagement in contrast to fan acquisition.

Now that they’re getting more savvy about how consumers actually use Facebook and the web, advertisers are trying to get a handle on all of the relevant data they never had before. Almost all – 91 percent – were “very concerned” about how to use this data to drive ROI, while most – 70 percent – admitted being “concerned” about making sense of it all.

“These survey findings validate that rest-of-web is at the epicenter of this conversation, and big data will continue to be one of the largest issues that online marketers confront for the next few years,” said Eric Wheeler, CEO of 33Across.

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