Facebook users with Android smartphones spend over 15 minutes a day – that’s nearly 8 hours a month – using their Facebook app, and they open the app an average of six times a day.

Furthermore, 10 percent of all page views for Android smartphone users in March were Facebook. Combined with those who access Facebook’s website from their phone, nearly three-fourths of U.S. Android users interacted with the social network from their mobile device.

These numbers and more come from a new SmartMeter data report from the NPD Group’s Connected Intelligence market research.

Usage does not automatically lead to revenue in Facebook’s case, however, and that’s something the company will have to address as its users continue to rely more on their phones than on their computers.

“Ultimately, Facebook’s mobile success rests on delivering compelling mobile app and web experiences, and monetizing on these experiences,” said Linda Barrabee, research director, NPD Connected Intelligence. “In order to do this, Facebook needs to ensure that monetization efforts via advertising enhance and do not disrupt the mobile social consumer experience.”

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