RocketFrog, an online casino that rewards winners with real-world prizes, launched on Facebook with Texas Hold ‘Em poker, blackjack and slots tournaments in addition to real-time standalone games such as no-limit poker, blackjack, slots, roulette and deuces and joker, deuces wild and jacks or better video poker games.

The company is proud of having Tom Anderson, co-founder and former president of, on its advisory board, which it said would help the company fulfil its vision for fully branded social game integration. Also joining RocketFrog is company investor Brody Jenner, known as a reality TV star and celebrity poker player.

The prizes aren’t in cash – although the company seems well-positioned to do that should the regulatory situation change. Instead, RocketFrog partners with advertisers to offer prizes like movie tickets, music, food, discount vouchers and more. “Advertisers are always looking for something different, something that engages users and cuts through the noise. RocketFrog delivers. The entire game experience is branded by the daily advertiser and at the same time users get to play for with real world prizes,” Anderson said.

RocketFrog was founded by Brett Calapp, Matthew Osborn and Uri Kozai. Calapp previously was CEO and co-founder of Centaurus Games, the subscription-based gaming network that sold to PartyGaming in 2010. He was also the president of the Ultimate Blackjack Tour, an international gambling tour, online game network and CBS television show.

“We’ve created social tournaments where players can interact and compete to win real prizes against their friends; not just leaderboard points or status increases,” Calapp said. “There’s no better place to do that than Facebook because that’s where your friends are at online. Who doesn’t like beating their friends and winning a prize?”

RocketFrog creates a central place where players can see the current games, issue challenges, track their winnings (and losses, presumably), share achievements, earn loyalty rewards, and learn from tutorials, strategy articles and expert tips.There are also more social features, like virtual gifts players can send to each other.

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