Sunnyvale, Calif. – LoYakk, a social networking startup based in Sunnyvale, Calif., aims to let users connect with people in specific locations, whether or not they know each other.

The company has developed a free iPhone and Android app that enables users to have conversions with those around them, with no prior personal relationship needed. Attendees of a sporting event, for instance, could theoretically chat with other fans at the same venue. Users are allowed to maintain their anonymity, if preferred.

“Friendship alone is overrated,” said co-founder Salim Ali. “As social animals, we possess an inherent desire to reach out to those around us. LoYakk brings this real-life behavior into the virtual social world by connecting people with a common need at a particular point in time at a specific location.”

Ali (CEO) most recently served as the global vice president of marketing at SAP. Fellow co-founder Jitu Telang most recently was a senior analyst with CMT Asia, and previously held senior software development roles at IBM and Trilogy.

This article was also published in Bay Area Tech Wire.

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